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High Speed Rail Bid

California, USA

Feb ’20 - Nov ‘20

9 months

California high-speed rail will connect the mega-regions of the State, contribute to economic development and a cleaner environment, create jobs, and preserve agricultural and protected lands.


The System’s initial construction is located in California’s Central Valley and serves as the spine of the statewide system

The California High Speed Rail Authority previously awarded civil contracts for design and construction of Construction Packages (CPs) 1, 2-3, and 4 in the Central Valley, extending over 119 miles from Avenue 19 in Madera to Poplar Avenue near the City of Shafter.

The Authority is currently planning additional civil works that will extend the 119 miles south to Bakersfield, north to Merced, and west to San Jose. The Authority is currently environmentally clearing the high-speed rail alignments from Merced to San Jose, which must be done prior to civil works. The Track and Systems Contractor (Contractor) will build on these civil works provided by the CP contractors to provide a Rail Infrastructure System (RIS) suitable for high-speed rail operation, which will become the initial passenger carrying and revenue-generating section.

The Contractor will then operate, maintain and renew the rail infrastructure, and maintain the civil works, for a minimum of 30 years following commencement of revenue service.

The RIS will include:

Platform Screen Doors Systems of 14 stations
Communications Systems
Traction Power
Operations Control Centre
Maintenance Of Way Facilities
Other Ancillary Systems


Development of a whole life cost model

Operations and Maintenance technical

Cost and organisational optimisation

Asset management approach to whole life

key facts
& figures

200 mph

is the max speed the system will be able to achieve, running from San Fransisco to Los Angeles in less than three hours

800 miles

is the total area coverage for the system and will include 24 stations across the state, including Sacremento & San Diego

scope of

Scope of works included:

Coordinated the acquisition of all sub-contractor’s Life cycle and 30-year service maintenance costing
Developed a benchmark high speed rail organisation and 30-year maintenance strategy
Consolidated all of our sub-contractor’s Life cycle costing into an approved costing programme
Overhead Catenary System (OCS)
Track infrastructure
Automatic Train Control and Facilities Management; Civil & Environmental
Developed a fully compliant cost model to ISO15686
Provided final O&M proposal costs/ price in accordance with the CAHSR contract and client reporting requirements
Provided technical expertise in the development of O&M strategies and plans

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Key project

We managed to achieve:

01/ Developed the benchmark high speed reference model of the Operations and Maintenance proposal including cost and price over 30 years 02/ Developed a full cost model to ISO15686 based on all sub-contractor whole life maintenance costs over 30 years 03/ Provided technical asset management advice to ISO 55000 series in all areas of infrastructure maintenance
04/ Technical expert support to the development of O&M and asset management strategies and plans as well as O&M plans 05/ Assessed the quality and validity of all cost, asset and operational data and provided expert guidance on any discrepancies, over under estimation and gaps in proposal assumptions and figures Let us help you


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