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We offer advisory & technical services, along with programme & asset management

Delivering a coordinated approach to strategic Asset Management

We help organisations achieve their strategic objectives by developing a whole life-cycle strategy for assets that optimises cost and value for money of the system – this is achieved through the successful implementation and compliance with ISO 55001.

We understand the critical importance of digital asset management and how data and digital strategies are key to an organisation’s success. Our expertise enables the support of digital asset management strategies and whole life decision making tools.

Our expertise provides innovative solutions to digital asset management by using:

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

We use these techniques to drive whole life value through monitoring of an asset’s performance, condition and degradation rate.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

With this and the creation of asset digital twins, we use AI and software analytics to create digital simulation models to define how systems and assets will perform within the operational context.

Working with clients to develop Operations & Maintenance capability across all operational and asset areas including stations

Contrax supports organisations in shaping the operations and maintenance organisation, how it is configured, operated, and developed from mobilisation to the operational phase to bring ‘best-in class’ infrastructure systems into service.

Competency is a key factor to success in any organisation but importantly in those undertaking safety critical and complex work activities. Contrax develops competency matrices and training programmes across the operations and maintenance organisation to ensure that personnel are competent and multi-skilled.

We ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of projects through comprehensive Project Management solutions

We use project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project throughout its entire life cycle. Contrax project managers have gained significant experience in transport and social infrastructure projects both in the Middle East and globally.

Our Programme Management services approach is to provide leadership and oversight to projects

Based on PMI Standard and ‘Lean Approach’, we are committed to build a robust, efficient, and transparent ‘Reporting System’ that provides a decision-making capability for our clients.

Contrax plan, manage and control the whole oversight programme management as an ‘end to end’ process, identifying and resolving risks and conflicts as they occur.

Clients benefit from a single point of management responsibility for:

01/ Planning 02/ Design management 03/ Construction
04/ Compliance 05/ Ongoing operations 06/ Maintenance services

These are under our collaborative platform driven by technology as well as advance digital toolsets.

Our Strategic Advisory approach applies a simple, yet structured framework to strategy development

The Contrax team has wide experience in the successful development of business strategies – be they the approach to defining Win Themes for a bid responding to a competitively tendered procurement, or in enabling clients to define their vision and strategic ambitions in a way that engenders ownership and inspires the generation of ideas for taking the business or project forward effectively.

We work with clients who themselves are operating in a continually changing market or operating environment. We are experienced in providing an independent review to a client’s proposed strategies and solutions, bringing a fresh perspective and new insight to any challenge.

We have in-depth experience and competency in the interdisciplinary aspects of Rail Systems Management

This covers tender support, project whole life management, to full systems development in the operations and maintenance phase.
The Contrax team brings expertise in digitalisation to support driverless operation for all types of railways, energy optimisation, automated condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance, and better asset utilisation and RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) achievement.

We are strong advocates
of, and practitioners in Design & System Thinking

Design Thinking is an iterative process which places the user at the centre of Contrax’s approach – undertaking a discovery stage of activity to gain a deep appreciation of the people for whom the products or services are to be developed and creating clarity of user needs which then lead the definition of the actual design remit itself.

Similarly, much of Contrax’s work is for clients whose operating model is itself comprised of many elements which are integrated into a system, and thus resulting in many inter-dependencies between the elements and the consequences of any action on the system as a whole.

We adopt a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing though continuous experimentation to transform the User Experience

Contrax employs design thinking techniques with clients to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions. This revolves around developing an understanding of the people for whom we are designing the products or services.

This helps tackle problems that are ill-defined or unknown, by re-framing the problem in human-centric ways, creating many ideas.

Our Engineering team provide specialised technical services in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of a project throughout its entire life cycle

Contrax delivers value engineering from pre-construction to commissioning, operations and maintenance through Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

Contrax work with clients to ensure that the intended Benefit Mapping & Capture of the programme is understood

The concept covers both internally captured benefits such as enhanced customer experience or financial returns, and wider “non-user” benefits such as the contribution to economic development, environmental sustainability, or social value. Wider benefits captured by other organisations help clients to create benefits reporting arrangements which provide for a robust, transparent process that enables all stakeholders to have confidence that the intended benefits are being delivered.

Many programmes call for a structured approach to Stakeholder Management, something we are able to provide advice & support in

Contrax clients work in complex and multi-stakeholder environments, with stakeholders having a range of interests in, and influences on, the direction and operation of the organisation.

We provide support in:

Initial mapping of stakeholders and their interests and influences

Actual engagement

Prepare & delivering of communications

Leading market engagement initiatives