Transport shapes the world we live in and forms a critical part of our lives

It connects people and places, whilst generating economic growth.

Contrax is a market leader in the provision of highspeed and metro rail advice to clients across the globe with a proven track record of delivering cost-effective and innovative solutions.

A proven track record
of delivering cost-effective
and innovative solutions.

We have experience in digital asset management tools including Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital analytics supporting asset management decisions.
Our expertise is based on a deep understanding of user behaviour and the factors which help or hinder the adoption of new products and services that enable us to help clients build evidence to inform planning and implementation of new services.

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Our strategic insight and technical excellence are provided by a team of international experts made up from:

Technical specialists

our sectors

The Contrax team are senior leaders and subject matter technical experts in the areas in which we support and advise our clients. We are able to draw down on our pool of expertise to support projects as required

The way we deliver
healthcare is changing

Energy & renewables sources
are the new norm

Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
helps to achieve a range of objectives

energy &
Public Private
Partnerships (PPP)